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What Is Video Remote Interpreting And Its Benefits?

Actualizado: 13 de sep de 2019

Video remote interpreting (VRI) is a form of sign language that allows individuals who are deaf or had hearing problems to communicate with hearing people or persons through video conferencing. Video remote interpreting works by use of videoconferencing apparatus at both locations. VRI is provided on a fee for service basis depending on the interpreting agency or team. The costs, in most occasions vary depending on whether the interpreter is needed right away or booked ahead of time. The following are some of the benefits that one will enjoy while using video for remote interpreting.

Video remote interpreting is more popular and accessible.

In the past few years, video remote interpreter has experienced a robust growth in terms of accessibility and popularity across the globe. VRI has removed the menace of language barrier. Even better, an individual does not need to acquire expensive software or apparatus to enjoy these services.

Video remote interpreting can help you save money.

Compared to a situation where one invites an interpreter to present himself or herself VRI is much more cost effective. Most of the people who have used both the interpreter and VRI say that they have ended up saving as much as 50%.

Video remote interpreting is more flexible.

Because VRI can be used over the phone or via a computer system, customers find it very flexible because most people have access to phones. VRI over the phone interpreting is common in government, call centers, financial services and healthcare settings.

Video remote interpreting covers a wide range of translation projects.

VRI ensures that there is success of wider ranges of translation projects. Distance and language doesn’t matter at all, your translation projects are safe with Video remote interpreting.

Video remote interpreting offers quality services.

Video remote interpreting gives the best quality results as far as translation services are concerned. The availability of the expansive resources will make you take advantage of the global communication services.

At Silver Bay Translations we offer Video Remote Interpreting services in more than 75 languages and we are well suited to meet anyone's needs for this unique and professional

service. For more info on our VRI services feel free to contact our customer service team.

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