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The Predicted Top 5 Languages in Demand for UK Employers in the 2020s

The conjecture that, universal language translator is quickly gaining popularity all over the globe and will be a commonplace on every device, is being validated by many researchers. So learning new languages and brushing up your multi-lingual skills is a good idea before starting a new decade of 21st century that’s just around the corner. Not only will it affect your know-how about linguistics but will also improve your socio-economic status, especially if you plan to start a business set up in the UK in coming years. For this reason, we will look into the top 5 languages that have been predicted to be in demand for UK employers in the 2020s:

Mandarin Chinese is the common language spoken in Beijing, China. It has been recognized as the emerging global business language for the future. Learning Mandarin is going to prove extremely beneficial for your businesses. According to the current numbers, China’s GDP is set to leave far behind United States’ economical rate by 2029, while analysts already consider China on the first position of the list of world’s largest economy by 2050. Mandarin has the largest number of native speakers- approximately 1.2 billion persons.

Spanish has been ranked as one of the most demanded languages in forthcoming years. Researches from the British Council study concluded Spanish as a ‘useful’ language for 34% of UK businesses. It is the official language of Argentina and Mexico which are two of G20’s chief economies; and is majorly spoken in Chile, Cuba and Columbia which have been identified as opportunity markets for the UK. Spanish is an official language in 21 countries making it the second most spoken dialect in the world today.

German has been soaring among the top positions since a few years now. Germany is Europe’s largest economy and the biggest exporter of British goods. It has gained advantage over French as the most sought-after lingua franca by UK employers. Learning German is going to become essential for trade, business and economy of United Kingdom in the 2020s because Germans have been generating an unbelievable high global GDP of 4.5%.

Portuguese has always been an influential world language but its

importance was not recognized up until recently. It is now playing a key role in making UK businesses and international relations. Portuguese is the official language of Brazil which is the largest economy in Latin America and is also anticipated to be the next big contribution in South American business.

French once used to be a dominant language which was then overtaken by English. France is UK’s second primary non-English speaking export market in the world. Regions where French is a common dialect, such as Belgium and Switzerland, whose worth in the business world reaches up to a hefty figure of £69 billion in goods and services trading in UK.

Conclusively, learning these languages open a passage to expand your businesses for worldwide trade, especially for UK entrepreneurs and investors.

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